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As this saying goes, such went the story of Sammy himself. Locals may recognize Sammy as the owner of Sammy’s Plant World, the plant nursery and landscaping service serving West Monroe for more than 25 years. But before he entered the horticulture industry, Sammy actually got his start in beekeeping, working for two decades as a professional beekeeper in his hometown. Sammy’s beekeeping journey began in his hometown back in 1980, when he offered to help a friend move his beehives. A few bee stings later, and Sammy was hooked on learning more about the extraordinary ways in which these social insects live their meaningful lives. Sammy offered to help in the apiary again, and after receiving his college degree, he decided to be a full-time beekeeper.


In 1995, Sammy immigrated to the United States in pursuit of the American Dream. Though he had to “start from scratch”, Sammy happily took a job at Louis Busby’s apiary in Angie, Louisiana, in order to keep his passion alive. Alongside beekeeping, Sammy developed a love for horticulture and opened Sammy’s Plant World in West Monroe, Louisiana. Today, Sammy maintains several hundred beehives in West Monroe and serves as a board member for the Louisiana Beekeepers Association and Hill Country Beekeepers Association in Ouachita Parish. Sammy’s dedication to and appreciation for the environment is obvious. He continues to educate himself about the latest findings in apiculture by attending the American Beekeeping Federation and APIMONDIA (International Federation of Beekeepers Associations) meetings regularly.

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